Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joe Weatherly's Class

I was lucky enough to study with the amazing Joe Weatherly for a semester and I couldn't have asked for a better animal drawing instructor. I've had a passion for studying and drawing animals all my life and I hope one day and can use my art to give back to zoos and animal conservation organizations around the world. These are a sampling of old drawings from my semester studying with Joe from the location drawing sketchbook he had us keep. The elephants are from the Oakland Zoo and everything else is from the San Francisco Zoo. If you're ever visiting I highly recommend stopping by and saying hi to the anteater, he is awesome!

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erin e. said...

Hi! So hopefully this isn't totally weird...BUT! for some strange reason I started thinking about you the other day so I sorta tracked you down. This is Erin Latham, we went to OU for a couple of years or so a long time ago. Hopefully, you remember me. Anyway I just wanted to see how you are and reconnect! If this interests you then my email is:
Your sketches are really beautiful by the way!